All about my boat ride from Thailand into Laos

This may come out a bit funny (text wise). I’m on the oldest computer I’ve ever seen.

We decided to check Laos out so we booked a 2-day boat ride to Luang Prabang… 9 hours minibus, then 2 days on a slow boat…..

We met 2 guys in Pai and have travelled with them all the way to Luang Prabang. It was amazing just cruising down the river listening to Bob Marley and The Beatles checking out the views. First day was ok – 6 hours then a stop in Pak Beng. We stayed in a shanty guesthouse, which was pretty cool. The owner’s sons bought us a few beers and we had a laugh together.

The second day on the boat and things started to heat up a bit. Basically the boat stopped about every 45-60 mins (9-hour journey) to pick up Laos people from remote tribes along the river. The boat, which was already packed out to the ceiling with tourists and their luggage, was just ridiculously full. People piled up to the ceiling at the front where we sat.

As soon as we got to Laos we booked a 2-day trek together and looked about a bit. Luang Prabang is a world heritage town, and it’s DIRT cheap. Cheaper than Thailand!

They do Laos Beer here which if you can get back home (specialised places only I’m led to believe) it’s so good. I’d recommend you stock up. In the shops they sell whitening sun lotion and whitening after sun. People here want to be whiter and we want to be more tanned, crazy world!

The first room we stayed in on the first night was like a honeymoon suite! Pete and I had a double bed each – just what we needed. And a TELEBLOODYVISION! Wow we watched WWF! We even had a socket each so we could charge our iPhones at THE SAME TIME! There was hot water and a sit on toilet too! It was the luxury we needed right at that moment. The heavy $15 charge per night soon left us fleeing for a mosquito-ridden shed with a hole in the floor and river water on tap though.

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