First day in Thailand!

We were straight off the plane, straight into the bar and on the sangsom buckets – samsong thai whiskey, sprite, loads of ice red bull syrup whch is bout 10x stronger than our Red Bull all in one big bucket with straws – oh my god they mess you up!

Went to some crazy thai bar with loads of thai people dancing to really up beat rock music was proper funny! Lost my bank card coz I was that pissed so buggered for getting money out on my first day of a year away! whoops!!!

Done loads of shopping everything is well cheap haggled some poor old lady today for a t-shirt…. price started at 250 bhatt (approx 4 quid!!) got her down to 100 bahht which is about 1.20!! ha food is dirt cheap had a amazing curry for 1 pound 50 tonight!

Yesterday we got pissed up with 2 CRAZY tuktuk (taxi thing with 3 wheels) drivers called Jack and Johnny who were proper hyper/funny! First we all got on a boat and went down the canal to a snake farm and played with cobras then went round some random run down Thai street and got pissed up with them and all their mates and family they looked after us like celebs!  

Had some proper thai food cooked in there street me and Pete ate octopus and i nearly barfed then they showed us there shanty town house! got some pictures will upload soon! everyone got proper hammered quality day

We walked round today to china town and near the grand palace hungover all day feel ruff as now! Pete bought some Thai fishing pants from the night market we went to sat night and we were walking round today for about 4-5 hours and everyone was looking at them I noticed it first people were just laughing to themselves, Pete did not believe me then he noticed it as the day went on, turns out they are for girls! ha most of bangkok have laughed at him!!

We are 7 hours ahead here so its 9pm and i’m ready for bed!

Guesthouse is ok… only sleep there been out and about all the time. We have booked a trip which is 3 days in Chang Mai… 1 night sleeping ruff in the jungle, white water rafting and swimming in a amazing looking waterfall!

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