From Vang Vieng to the National Park

So after the longest stay in one place (9 days) we leave Vang Vieng and head for the Capital of Laos, Vienetiene, by bus. As usual the karaoke video is blasting full whack all the way so no one actually sings but every bus in Thailand and Laos all seem to play them. The videos are 99% love stories in which there’s a girl and a boy and they mess about looking pretty and in the end kiss. They’re so cheesy and stupid.

It was only 5 hours to Vienetiene so we got there about midday Sunday. Vienetiene is a bit like Luang Prabang. We looked about for a guesthouse but everything was fully booked so took us a few hours by this time we were starving but we had no money so cashpoint hunt. For some shit reason Visa are pretty much worthless in Laos and Mastercard is the best, which was no good. We just missed the bank by about 10 minutes. It closes at 3.30pm Sunday, so we were a bit worried. Just as we were about to beg for food we found a hotel with a Visa machine inside. My advice if going Laos get a Mastercard!

Not much to do in Vientienne. We just played shithead in our crappy guesthouse with shared bathroom and rock hard beds.

We left the next morning asap to go back to Thailand for Nong Khai across the border. It only took an hour or 2 and we got a guesthouse straight away. After all that trouble we’d gone to to get a load of Kip out (Laos money) and we barely spent any. We were back on the Bhatt so we tried to change it back and no one would do it. We tried at least 4 banks and no-one wanted the notes we’d got so we had to hunt down a market stall that we’d been told to go to. Don’t know why the banks wouldn’t take it. Anyway we were all Bhatty’d up so we head to the sculpture park which was Nong Khai’s best feature, because after that again we were stuck for stuff to do so after 4 laps of the town we thought we’d sink some beers and shoot some pool nothing really exciting to report about that place! Just go to the sculpture park then LEAVE.

Bus again this time but instead of the tourist buses we thought we’d chance the Thai peoples bus to Pak Chong as it was pretty cheap and only one really going the way we wanted, to the National Park. After a 6-hour journey the first couple of hours were going well everyone seemed really friendly as we were the only farangs (westerners) on there. Then about 15 games of shithead into the journey someone actually shit themself and we had to sit in the smell of last nights stir fried pork for a couple of hours. We did not have a scooby where we were and was just hoping that the driver dropped us off somewhere close to the guesthouse… turns out we were 17km away so we got these 2 dudes to give us a lift on there bikes to the guesthouse with our bags and that it was at that point we found out how freezing the National Park was!

We had arrived!

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