Having a go at Muai Thai Boxing, and the jungle trek

After the super bucket (2 bottles of whiskey, 2 extra strength red bull 1 coke) we were so drunk and so we decided to go to Muai Thai boxing. Me and Pete were first there so we got in the ring and had a fight before the real thing happened!

The boxing was quality – proper knock down action! We sat in the blue corner and were well into the shouting. It was an amazing atmosphere.

I wasn’t feeling too good the next day though. I got on the back of the truck to go to the jungle to head to the start of the 3-day jungle trek in Chang Mai and I thought I was going to be sick.

Anyway, made it there without being sick on everyone.

The jungle trek was basically us walking miles through the jungle, everyone hungover, until we met some of the locals. They gave us some food, we had to use their basic little toilet and we sat and tried to communicate with them a bit. Luckily I’d taken my pack of cards and so I showed them some basic tricks. They were looking at me as if I was Paul Daniels or something. Loved it.

On the second day we went to the waterfall where I amazed everyone with my stupid yet courageous death defying stunt! Sliding down the main point of the water flow!

Then we went white water rafting which was amaazing and also very dangerous.

We finished off the day at a cool rooftop bar in Chiang Mai with loads of fellow travellers then to a club called spicys where they massage you while you wee and nearly break your neck! No joke!

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