Khao Yai National Park – a 1 day Trek

After another night on the rock beds we get up at 7am to start the trek into the park, it was us and 6 oldies. We drove into the park on a Jurrasic Park-style truck and the guy who was driving must have eyes of a eagle coz we were going along then he’d just pull over and say look in that tree then get the telescope out and there would be things like squirels and lizards, monkeys etc all living in the wild.

At first we thought they were plastic and they were just there for the tour as it was near impossible for us to see them driving along but then they actually moved so we knew this guy was the real Crocodile Dundee!

Right at the start of the tour after the lizard we heard the gibbons’ mating call and everyone scrambled into the jungle to find him. This was the first moving animal we just saw glimpse as he was swinging from tree to tree we tried to keep up on foot through the dense forest then we lost him. Next minute he’d shit on us from about 40 feet high!! Poo all over Pete’s Nike jacket and on my leech protectors! He’d just missed my head by about a inch! Everyone else followed him about I’d left my bag in the car on the road so went back on my own as I had EVERYTHING in it. I got back to the car and there was a gang of about 8 monkeys round the car and up the tree’s by the road! I was on my own and my hands were shaking. I was well excited coz everyone else was chasing this gibbon and there me up close to loads of cool monkeys!

Told everyone and they was well jealous! Turns out later on they were all over the place though. 

Next it went a bit birdwatcher style and we were worried we’d signed up for a full day of birdwatching. It was pretty cool though coz we trekked along a trail and every now and again the guide would show us where bears had clawed up trees or you could see where wild elephants had trampled across the jungle.

We saw some pretty rare birds, the photos were taken by putting the camera up close to the telescope so they seem really close up but they were quite far away.

After the trek mid afternoon we went to the waterfall which was out of the film The Beach! There was not as much water as when the film was made so we were not allowed to jump off the top which was a bit poo, but we went for a swim and it was bloody freezing.

After the waterfall we went elephant spotting where me and Pete stood on the back of this truck and we drove to a part of the park which was signposted “Danger Wild Elephant Area!” The people we were with had been 3 years in a row and not seen any so we were really hoping we could see them. We drove for about 40 mins. I was really looking hard into the jungle to see if I could catch a glimpse or hear them, so was Pete. Next minute walking down the road was a mother and baby!

There were two other trucks behind us as well and the guide had said they could easily trample the car and had done so in the past so we all moved back to a good viewing point. We weren’t allowed to get out so we stood on the back bit. They were on their way to a salt pit where they covered them self in salt for some reason. Anyway the elephant started giving me the death stare and after watching it for about 30 mins they started to stampede towards us.

There was the other 2 trucks in front of us so we couldn’t go anywhere. Me and Pete were standing on the back and closest to it with no where to go. It roared and stopped. 

The tour was non stop animals. We saw jackals, snakes, owls – it was a really cool tour. Loved it!

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