Last few days in Thailand – in Koh Phagnan

So we arrived in Koh Phagnan with three whole days before the Full Moon Party, we were bricking it a bit because we heard accommodation was really hard to find. In the end there was loads so I don’t know what they were talking about. 

We had a sweet little bungalow to start with with hammock but it was to far away from the town and as the warm up parties were in full swing we rented some bikes and explored. We found coral bungalows which was a wicked find, it had a well nice pool, cool parties, gym (not that i used it) and the room had a quality HOT shower!! It was all on the beach and within walking distance of the party too! It was luxury!

The first night was wicked there was such a buzz about the place just like Ibiza but bigger and with less chavs than San Antonio – the place was about to go off! The streets are just littered with bucket sellers and you can just buy a bucket anywhere and take it anywhere!

There were no queues for drinks and no long walks to bars – ace!! The Party is on the beach with fire throwers, flaming skip ropes fireworks etc everyone is just buzzin! I managed to lose my flip flops and a couple of thousand bhat on that first night – oops!

On the second night we took it relatively easy and sunbathed all day. We only had maybe 3-4 buckets each. Third night was our bunaglow’s pool party. They had a lady boy theme so me and Pete decided to get dressed up – there was only about 20 out of 3-400 people that actually made the effort so it was quite funny. We were jumping in the pool dressed up. In the end I forgot my handbag so isadly didn’t get many photos – it was well funny though!

On the night of the full moon it was proper packed in phagnan but it was a good packed. We got painted up and wore some Santa hats and just partied hard. We managed to pace ourselves till about 3pm the next day – the sunrise was unbelieveable!

The after party was at a place called Backyard which was proper dirty music, probably the best we’d heard since being away. The whole experience was awsome tho deffo a must do!! After about 2 hours sleep that night we had to be up at 5 to mission down to Phuket to get our flight. We caught a ferry off the island and then took a mini bus ride. I was flat out on the top deck of the ferry catching some z’s and when I woke up I was in a rainstorm. I was piss wet through for the whole journey to oz – so annoyed Pete didn’t tell me!

So yeah, I’m in Australia now and the next part of our adventure will begin! 

Need to get me a job, QUICK!

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