Loving Pai… Continued

Well we are still in Pai. Pete has been to hospital to get his gammy elbow looked at. He fell off a bike drunk and they opened him up like a tin of beans! He had some ‘part time cleaner ‘carry out major surgery on his elbow which was all infected. After 2 days a real doctor put it in a sling because the part timers did not know what they were doing! He’s got nuff pills to take with it.

The other day we rented some bikes and did a local tour. First up was a canyon, which had some wicked views but there wasn’t much to the actual canyon. Next up we went to Cafe Doi for some lunch – another wicked view. We went down some back streets of Pai and they have the most amazing, beautiful huts/houses and this really cool pagola thing to frame the mountains.

In Thailand they have private movie rooms available so we got some munchies rented a movie got in this massive room with like ten (3) sofas in and even a bed and a private bathroom, all to ourselves and watched a film. Well good.

Tomorrow we’re heading for Laos, which is supposed to be even cheaper than Thailand! It’s a 3-day trip by boat, which is apparently really fun, so I’m excited for that. Looking forward to seeing somewhere new. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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