Friday 16th February 2007

Moved out of O’Rourkes and said our goodbyes to Lee and Paul who are heading up to Stanford, James who is going back to Surfside and unfortunately missed Steve who must have went off early doors this morning. Me and Dave got booked into a hostel called the Wizard of Oz for the weekend, I sent some stuff home today because despite what you think you will never need as many clothes as you intened to take. I then went to work as bar staff at an Australian Football game in North Sydney…After getting 2 trains there I then walked practically every street trying to find the Oval….eventually found it and worked for a few hours serving beers. For my first experience of bar work it was enjoyable but hard work, never stopped all night but the majority of the punters were patient with us as most of us were new to this game. Took myself back to coogee and had a couple of pints with Dave

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