Friday 2nd March 2007

Moved out of Surfside this morning and back into O’Rourkes…ended up being in the same room me paul and Lee were originally in which was I reclaimed my old bed and Dave took Lees old bed…Dave went out to work so I took myself down to the beach again with James….went swimming and the waves were massive, after being down the beach all day me and James went to 5 o’s restaraunt which serves a $5 steak and potato…you have to buy a drink as well which takes it up to $10 but even then it is still great value as the food is lovely. We then got a bottle of Vodka and met a few people from surfside and invited them round to our new place to have a drink and play some cards. Had a good laugh playing cards and ended up going over to the Palace nightclub where we met a few other people from surfside…ended up drinking snakebites and being pretty smashed….got the customary chili beef pie from Garlos on the way home to bed.

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