Monday 5th February 2007

Moved out of Surfside and down the road to O’Rourkes, said our cheerios to the girls and moved into our nice new digs. I had to go into Sydney and get my working holiday visa thing sorted at the immagration office (I wouldnt have had to do this if my suitcase had arrived….but with all the hoo haa over that I forgot to get my passport stamped…so after walking for miles I eventually got my passport stamped…I then had to find the medicare building and get that done, because my passport wasnt stamped I couldnt get my medicare approved when I was in earlier in the week with the OzIntro crew. So I walked for ages before getting both done…after such a hard day I decided to treat myself and took myself off to the sydney harbour aquarium which was well worth the money, got myself a hat and headed back to O’Rourkes…went out to coogee for a few beers.

Aquarium Pics

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