Sunday 25th February 2007

Went into Coogee Bay hotel at midday to watch the St Helens – Brisbane Broncos rugby league match, ended up having some older half smashed Oz bloke inviting himself to sit beside me…after a bit of conversation and him not being able to make out my name was Chris (despite me telling him 4 times) instead he was hearing Gus….so I just let him bump his gums until he was bored and then he moved on to some other poor sod. Read some more of my trainspotting book and went up to surfside where lounge where it was pretty busy as the weather was pouring down and there was some amazing lightning and thunder showers. Watched some Aussie comedians who were really funny and then Jarhead…the carling cup football final between Chelsea and Arsenal was coming on at 2am so I decided to stay up and watch the Wigan 1-0 Newcastle and then the Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal match which was a good game…got to bed at back of 4am…shattered

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