Thursday/Friday 1st & 2nd February 2007

Day 4 was a bit miserable and we were supposed to be going to Bondi beach but we never so never really done much…so onto day 5 which was far from miserable…we had to be up at stupoid o clock in the morning to go to the Blue Mountains..Once again the weather wasn’t that great and it took 2 hours to get the bus up there. But when we got there it was an amazing place…the sights have to be seen to be believed, you walk for Britian but its worth it and the steepest train in the world is amazing. Our tour guide was also a good lad and after a long day walking we were ready for a few drinks at the coogee bay outside beer garden to finish the day.

Blue mountain pics

This is not me being disgusting, this is eucylptus leaves that we were told to rip in half and stick up your nose…think Vicks and thats what it was like

This was a statue outside the blue mountains…too good an opportunity to miss 😛

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