Tuesday 30th January 2007

Still no suitcase so had to go out and buy some boardies, a t-shirt and a towel for our learn to surf day….took the OzIntro minibus out to some quiet beach and met the two surfer blokes who were going to get us amateurs to stand at least once on the board and ride em waves…now being one who couldnt stand on a skateboard for more than 2 seconds without going on my arse I was a bit apprehensive about today…but I needn’t have been…after getting into a snazzy wetsuit we wer given an initial light hearted 20 to 30 min chat about how to lie on the board etc and what to do if we goit wiped out (i.e. the wave just smashes us….and I warn you it will happen)…so off we went…and it was brilliant, but much easier to do on land….we were allowed to have as many go’s as we wanted and I was wiped out early doors but it was all a good laugh…when we were called back in…we were then shown how to stand….this was way harder….we were thrown back in and seeing everyone go arse over tit was so funny…we then came in for lunch and drinks which were well needed…after that we headed back out to the surf and if you hadn’t managed to stand at least once the instructors would take a bit of time with you and they will get you to stand at least once. All in it was a very enjoyable day and to make it all the better when we got back to the hostel my suitcase had been delivered 😀 so I had all my fresh clothes and toiletries, to celebrate we went out to the palace nightclub for a few games of pool and a drink or 5

The boys relaxin after a hard days surf

Back in the hostel with a change of clothes ready to hit the clubs

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