Wednesday 14th February 2007

Completed my RSA course yesterday which was pretty easy and straight forward, was working today and me, Hayley, Steph, Dave, Kurt and Tony decided to go out in Sydney afterwards..Met the boys in the southern hotel and headed to Scubars…ended up pretty smashed and we got knocked back from the Gaff and Scruffy Murphys…so we ended up in Cheers…met an English lad who said he ate a beermat in 9 minutes and it was impossible to eat it any quicker….challenge laid down…challenge accepted by moi…now in my defence…I had nothing to eat all day and was pretty smashed at this point so I lifted the nearest beer mat and an beer mat eat off began…4 minutes 23 seconds later….mines was finished….how do you like em apples my English friend 😀 we then sat and had a laugh about it and watch the Bayer Leverkusen 3-2 Blackburn match as Kurt and Tony are Blackburn fans…eventually got home at 6.30am BLOOTERED

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