Day 35

Wasnt the best looking day weather wise this morning so went down to the internet shop for a bit, Dave came down a few hours later to say it had brightened up and we decided to do the coastal walk again from Coogee to Bondi Beach. Stayed on the beach for a bit and we were right next to the film crew for the Bondi surfsavers, they filmed a girl who was doing backflips and cartwheels on the beach…at first me and Dave thought she was just showing off and secretly hoped she would take a header but turns out she is actually an american gymnast called Nancy ? and shes hoping to be in the next olympics…so fair play to her. Got some messages and watched the simpsons, played a few games of cards with Julian, James and Dave. Went out to speak to sister on the phone and the Electric Storms in the sky were amazing…lit up the whole sky…this went on for about 2 hours but it started raining so I went back inside and watched High Fidelity.

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