Day 38

Not working again until saturday and with the weather being pretty poor theres not a lot to do during the day, thankfully there is a lot of European football on this week so after getting some messages ended up in the Sports Bar this afternoon with Jamie and Cody watching the Lyon 0-2 Roma game. Went home for some tea and ended up back at the sports bar to watch the Anthony “the man” Mundane – Sam “the king” Soloman fight…pub was pretty busy by the time the main event came on which Mundane won pretty comfortably. Me and Dave ended up playing pool against 2 Aussie blokes…the pool is free on a sunday, tuesday and wednesday night which is a bonus…we then played against 2 other Aussie blokes called adam and sam who were sound blokes and played until the end of the night. When we got back to O’rourkes we got talking to some Irish bloke in the kitchen and ended up drinking the box of wine which we had in our fridge…we were joined by sandra some Irish girl and we must have been talking pretty loudly as some girl (terry from the USA) kept coming out her room asking us to keep our voices down…eventually she ended up joining us for a drink (if you can’t beat them or make them shut up….join them 😀 we decided to go back to mine and daves room and played cards until 6am when we ran out of drink. the girls left and Dave who was working in the am at 12.30 went to be but me and the Irish bloke decided we would set our alarms for 8.30am and go to coogee sports bar to watch the Milan – Celtic game.

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