Day 39

Eventually woke up at 9.45am….slept in for the game but decided to nip round to the sports bar to see if anyone else made it….there were only 3 people in the bar and it was the Man Utd 1-0 Lille game that was on…thought I’m here now may as well watch the 2nd half…after that I thought I would go down to the beach and catch up on some sleep down there…when I got back to my room at 12.00 Dave was still passed out, so woke him up and told him he was late for his work. As he got quickly changed I took myself off down to the beach for a few hours….was about 5pm when another electric storm hit sydney so collected my washing which I had handed in earlier to the Launderette (though why I bother as each time my clothes have came back dirtier than when they went in) and had some tea. Stayed in tonight and watched Neighbours, Simpsons, Lost, Bones and Family Guy…Dave got back in about 11pm…and we chatted for a bit before both going to sleep about 11.45….At 12.15 we heard someone banging really loudly on our door which woke us…none of us answered it thinking it was just people drunk larking about…then the same thing happened about 10 minutes later….I was ready to jump out of my top bunk and see what was going on but it never happened again….then at 5am we heard banging and this time it was someone kicking in the front door to the guest house…this went on for a few minutes and then stopped and we both fell back asleep.

Pics of our room in O’Rourkes…mines is the top bunk..bottom bunk is vacant

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