Day 42

Dave headed up to Brisbane for 2 weeks working so thats me got the room to myself for the rest of the week, Jamie was going to move in but he had already booked another week at surfside. Set off for my bar work at Hyde Park for the St Pats day parade…which had been brought forward a week because the Sidney Bridge anniversary is next week. Got there for 11 and was working in the Main express tent which was serving only Guiness and Carlton Draught. Ended up on the till most of the time which was a good laugh as I got to speak to all the hammered Irish punters, only problem was the tills kept packing in and we had to work out the costs etc ourselfs….luckily I am no slouch in the carol vorderman category and managed ok…was supposed to get a half hour break at 1.30 and finish at 5.00 but because our tent was so busy I ended up working until the bars closed which was 6.30…I then got a free chicken burger and a few free drinks which was good…spoke to Charles an Indonesian guy who had been working with me in my tent and went to sign off…as we went to finish I was asked if I fancied hanging around to help clear up and with having nothing to rush home for I decided to do this…once again this was a good laugh as we cleared up and had to move all the tents etc….helped with more free beer along the way…eventually signed off at 8.30 and at $25 an hour that will pay for my trip up to Brisbane 😀 Got the bus home and was looking forward to going out to see the Celtic – Rangers game with a few beers but when I got home and showered and changed, I went to Coogee sports Bar but it was shutting, I knew Jamie was going to a rangers club called the RSL so I wandered about looking for that but couldn’t see it…and Jamies phone is broken so decided to get myself a Garlos pie and head home to watch super size me….knackered but chuffed I had done the day and made that cash.

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