Day 47

Woke up at 5.30am feeling like I had hardly been asleep, had shower and some breakfast and got a taxi to the airport…managed to get a bit of sleep on the plane and was taken to the hostel…when I went up to the room there was nobody there but the beds all had something on left my case and bedding and decided to take a walk into Brisbane…visited the Suncorp stadium home to the Brisbane Broncos…not a bad stadium for an egg chasing outfit…wandered about seeing the sights until about 4pm and decided to head back to the hostel…when I got into the room there were 2 guys lying on their beds…I introduced myself and asked what bed was vacant…they weren’t very forthcoming with their hellos so I tried to make small talk but never got much response…then a girl came into the room and I introduced myself to her…shook hands etc…and then they all started talking in french….great (I’m in a room with 3 frogs)…then 2 more guys come in and though they see me on the bed they make no effort to introduce themselves and they are all talking away in French…..FECK….I feel about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit and am thinking I wish I was back in coogee. I had arranged to meet Lee at 8.30pm for a few drinks but decided at 5.30 I had enough of “sacre bleu and petit filous etc” and went out early…I had a total face on and was begining to think the next week is going to be a nightmare…Brisbane doesn’t initially appeal to me as much as Coogee, I miss the beach lifestyle compared to the city kind of Brisbane style. Walked to the Valley where Lee is staying and went to a pub called the elephant and wheelbarrow…met Lee and was good to catch up…explained to Lee my situation and turns out hes a bit bored with Brisbane as well but mentioned he was thinking og going up to Bindenburg to live and work for a bit on a farm. this totally appeals to me and we are both 90% certain of doing that and heading up there next week. Made arrangements to go to the steve irwin zoo before we leave brisbane and went on to another bar where we met some of Lees hostel mates…can only remember Butters, Andrea and Dee but had a good laugh…ended up drunk and left the bar at 1am to head back to my hostel….but never had a map on me and knew roughly where the hostel was but brisbane is full of backstreets etc…ended up getting home at 3am….walked for Britain and was knackered, wasn’t bothered about making a noise getting into bed as was so pissed off with the frogs that if one of them had said anything I’d have been ready to tell them exactly what I thought…anywho, decided I am going to ask reception if I can change rooms in the morning.

This I spotted walking about Brisbane….Damn right I say

Suncorp Stadium…Home of the Broncos

Brisbane Bronco legends (so I believe) painted on a wall outside the ground

Floor tiles outside the ground with players names etc..Darren Lockyer is one of the few I have heard of

Pics of Brisbane river and me 😀

Me and Dee on the night out

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