Day 48

Woke up and had shower this am…3 of the frogs were still in their beds so got my bag together and headed into the city…asked reception if I could change room and they said to call back in an hour…went into city and with it being St Pats day there was loads of Irish kicking about or a lot of people wearing green tops. Got a smoothie and tried to phone but phone wasnt working so went into vodaphone and after a change of sim card etc turns out that the vodaphone network was temporarily down. So phoned Hostel from a payphone and turns out they can put me in a 8 in a room dorm which was such a relief. Went back to the hostel and there was someone in the shower but I just got my case and went to my new room where there was only 1 guy in the place at the time (casper) Introduced myself and got a bit of chat for a bit and then headed to southbank to sit by the river and read my book. Went back to my room at 6pm and there was a canadian girl called Randy who I got talking too, she was travelling alone as well and we were talking about St Pats day and how half the hostel was downstairs in the bar area getting hammered. Then another girl called Cassi came into the room and a guy called Philip. So felt much better as they were all friendly enough and talkative. Decided to shower and head down to the bar with them to mingle. Got to the bar and some Irish boy shouts out Coogee…He looked familiar but I couldn’t think who he was, turns out he is one of the Irish lads that was in O’Rourkes when we were there…got a good chat with him and then 2 Norwegian girls Elizabeth and the other who was a mini Mags Hainey and very hard faced joined us..they had not a clue what me and Michael (the Irish lad) where talking about as we were speaking too fast. I then ended up sitting with 3 Scottish lads Russell (Aberdeen fan) and 2 brothers Stuart and Gordon (rangers fans)…got a good chat with them and had a good night…ended up going out for a slice of a pizza and on the way back me and Gordon seen a bath lying in a garden…and for some reason decided that we would try and take it back to the hostel….needless to say it was really heavy and after moving it a few yards decided to leave it 😆 all in feeling a lot better than I was yesterday but I don’t think Brisbane is as good as Coogee and think a week here will be enough for me before I continue up the east coast.

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