Day 49

Went into city and was on the internet checking out the football results this morning after receiving many texts about how my team Hearts had been skelped 4-0 I thought I’d check out what happened. After leaving the internet cafe I noticed there where a lot of Rugby League fans kicking about and making their way to the Suncorp stadium (Jetstar Gold Coast Titans vs St George Dragons)…I was only 5 minutes away and had planned to go to an Aussie rugby game and Aussie rules football game whilst here so why not go today. I knew that the cheapest tickets were about $25 which I was happy to pay but as I approached the ticket sales bit a man asked if I was buying a ticket for myself only. I said I was and he said he had a spare and offered it to me…how much I asked…$20 was his reply..happy days…turns out the ticket was a belter…4 rows from the front and it was actually worth $32…was sitting in amongst all the St George Dragons fans and the atmosphere was really good with a really funny but 100% dedicated to his team St George fan 2 seats away from me who from the 1st whistle would rip into the opposition players, linesman and referee and sometimes the stewards. One thing I picked up that was different from rugby and football fans was how they would heckle someone about to take a kick but if it went over they applauded the kick even though it was against their team…same with if there was any good runs or tackles. St George eventually won a close game 20 – 18 and with it being the Titans first game at this level EVER it turned out to be a good day. Went back to the hostel and we had new arrivals Harley…Irish girl, Tom…scottish lad from Fort Rose and an older french couple…sat and watched a bit of tv before going to bed.

My match day ticket

Suncorp stadium

Pre match entertainment

St George Dragons and their fans

Check out the Titan mascot as we await the Titans arrival on to the pitch

Here come the Titans for their 1st ever Rugby League game

Me in amongst the St George fans celebrating a try

The Titans get a try right in front of us

The titanettes celebrate the try….I celebrated as well when they came out 😀

St George players come over at the end to salute their fans

Two final photos of the stadium before I go

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