Day 52

Up early to go to Steve Irwin zoo…phoned Lee who was meant to be coming but he had been on the booze the night before and couldnt make it…lightweigh lol…Got picked up at the hostel and bus journey was about an hour and a half but it was a good journey as the driver used to work at the zoo and told us all these storys about Steve and basically that he was a legend and what you seen on tv is how he was, he put on a dvd which we watched going and coming back from the zoo. The zoo itself was quality, I fed an elephant, got my photo taken with a python wrapped round my neck, held an alligator and watched an amazing tiger show. When I got back to the hostel I got most of my stuff packed, Joe had left and we had another new roomate a japaneese girl called Sana…so we invited her downstairs as we were going for a few drinks as it was my last night. Me, Tom, Ally, Harley and Sana went down and had about 4 or 5 jugs of beer and had a good laugh, Allys going on skydiving jump on saturday and he managed to talk Harley into it as well and if I wasnt going up to Bundaberg I was considering doing it myself. Its a shame to be leaving now as we had a good room and the roomates were good people.

Tom Harley and Ally

Ally and Sana

Me and Harley

A tribute to the Japaneese…its tradition to do the 2 finger salute seemingly

Pics from Steve Irwin zoo

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