Day 57

Was asked by teh receptionist to go and see Ray when I got a chance, when I went to see him he asked if I had filled in my tax forms and job request sheet which was given to me on arrival and handed in at the same time as Lees. I explained this and he had a look for them, turns out they had been filed but my details had not been put on the computer so if I had not paid my $50 yesterday they would have been none the wiser that I was looking for work 🙄 so was told to leave it with him which made me think I’d probably have a good chance of working tomorrow, went and played Fifa 2005 on the X Box with Ash, Rich and Jono which was a really good laugh, because I had given Lee a loan of some bread, butter and strawberry cornflakes (YES STRAWBERRY) over the past few days he asked if I wanted some duck eggs he had been given so I accepted and we decided to make an omelette which was very nice, watched Saw 3 and the butterfly effect

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