Day 58

😀 yeah was working at Rosettos farm today from 6am to 3pm, turns out this is a full timne post as well so I will be working 6 days a week for the rest of my time here if I want it, I am the only backpacker but the farm is owned by Mario and his son Janny runs the cucumber plants which is where I will be working, 2 locals called Brian and Rhonda (older people) work there and there is an alsation called Zeena who is always there to greet me when I arrive in the morning with big slavours and typical dog breath. All I did today was pruning which was a bit sore on the fingers as the leaves have little hairs on them which stick in your fingers but it was very laid back and I’ve been told that I have landed on my feet getting work there, best thing about it is at the end of every shift we all sit down to have a bottle of Jannys home brew which is very nice. Went to Woolworths for more food feeling flush now that I am working, watched simpsons after that

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