Day 69

Had the weekend off work so went and got a haircut in the morning and done washing, watched Kung Fu hustle which has to be the worst film ever but it was so bad it was funny…watched Eddie Murphy Raw and Hot Shots, Was meeting Dee (Demelza) my friend who I met in Brisbane as she was up at her aunties in bundaberg for the weekend with her friend Jenna…but before they came up to the hostel I got speaking to a girl from Canada called Gillian, we had the same types of taste in music and she gave me 2 CDs to listen to which I will get round to doing at some point, had a few jugs of beer and then Dee and Jenna came up to the hostel, started playing drinking games and I ended up jumping into the pool for a shot (anything for a free drink eh) somehow lost my key card and my specials t-shirt…so borrowed Joses keycard to get back inot my room and changed…went to central bar but I got ID’d and had to return for my passport…told Dee and Jenna just to go in and I’d be 5 minutes so ran back to hostel. As I was running back a few locals shouted at me and “asked why i was running and told me to stop” but there was no danger I was stopping as the locals here have got a reputation for jumping backpackers so I just kept running, thnakfully none of them bothered chasing me or I’d have had to lay the smack down on them 😛 Got my passport and got into the Central but didnt think much of it, only stayed for about half hour and went back to hostel.

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