Day 75

Woke up for work but thought I had slept in, jumped out of bed and I could hear Ray speaking outside in the corridor…I rushed out and slavoured something about holding the bus for 2 mins and I would be ready…he just looked at me confused and said the bus wasnt going for another half hour…so I hadn’t slept in I just woke up too quick/still drunk and very confused…Another hard day at work but I was kind of in a daze all day and couldnt wait to get home to my bed, went to IGA for some shopping and got some chicken wing dings for my tea which the bag said you could microwave…my eyes must have been bigger than my belly as I put all 10 in the micro and they tasted pretty rank and soggy…only ate 3 and binned the rest, watched the biggest loser, simpsons and went to bed at 8.45pm…shattered.

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