Day 76

Had a great long sleep and felt so much better for it today, went to work and on the bus back Ray mentioned that there where a few people out drinking already but they were all in dresses, I got back to the hostel and Ash and Jono and a few of the lads who work at the Prawn factory where all in womens dresses…why, I don’t know…they asked if I fancied a game of football over in the park against the federal backpackers…so I never even got changed, was told everyone would be playing barefoot so left my trainers and we headed off to the bottle bar to but passion pop (which is some alcopop like drink) got a bottle of that and walked to the park, the game was good laugh but miost people where just there for the drink…so eventually we all ended up sitting in the park messing about, went back to the hosttel and continued drinking, I ended up in the tv room and fell asleep only to awake and find the crisps that I had been eaten were everywhere much to the amusement of the other 2 people in the room at the time. Then all the people that had been drinking in the bar and the courtyard came into the tv room and I sat with Ash and the Prawn lads…had a right good laugh as everyone was steaming, the prawn lads were peeing into jugs and passing it off as beer…a few people took drinks of this and quickly realised what it was…much to everyone who knews amusement…ended up staying up until 4.30am and Ash crashed out…so being a Man Utd fan we got a marker and wrote on him “city till I die and a few other things, I added Oh the hibees are gay to his leg” and took some clips on my camera phone. We left him in the tv room and just before I went to bed I seen my roommate Jose crashed out and someone had put pleats in his hair whilst he was sleeping…and drew on his face 😀

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