Day 83

Not really done much since my last blog during the week as trying to save money so have just added what I have been up to in todays blog, basically been working throughout the day and catching the odd film tv show after work, last week I watched scarface, braveheart, lost, prison break and a few other things which I can’t remember at the moment, yesterday after work I met up with the prawn lads and started drinking about 5.30pm, stayed at cellblock for a few hours then decided to go over to the Federal hostel as there was a band on, all I had to drink was 2 jugs of beer (2 and a half pints is the equivalent of a jug) and a bottle of passion pop (this is a wine sized bottle which is a bit like an alco pop)…felt fine and enjoyed the band who played some good tunes, but a few of the English lads started giving it In gur lund In gur land chants when the band where on and singing your shit and you know you are at the band…they were steaming and I sensed that it might kick off, a scuffle took place between them and a few other people who were watching but it was handbags stuff..and they were thrown out but just walked back in 2 mins later and everyone who was pushing made up…I met 2 Irish girls who I met at O’Rourkes in Coogee…they came up and started talking to me but my last recollection of last night was barfing for britain…I can’t remember who I was speaking to at the time but I know I never got that usual 5 second pre barf warning when you know its coming and I’m sure I barfed right in front of whoever it was…I hope it wasnt the girls but I think it might have been 😕 OOPS….anywho, I made my way out of the federal still being sick and remember feeling absolutely rubbered, I started on the short 2 minute walk back to cellblock and I remember doing the crab walk so bad that I had to stop myself and focus on walking straight…not seen anyone from last night yet but going back to the hostel now and I’m sure someone will be able to fill me in with the drunken details 😆

Anywho went back to Cellblock and went to use the microwave to have my dinner but most of the sockets were faulty and the kitchen was mobbed, so I had to take my bowl which I had already put my soup/meal thing in and take it back to my room and leave it there for later, went for a few jugs of beer round the back garden at Cellblock and ended up going back over to federal…had 2 bottles of passion pop and banged into the 2 Irish girls…after speaking to them turns out I wasnt sick in front of them…BUT they did say I fell asleep and was sitting on the steps of the federal snoozing 🙄 so not so bad…decided to go to Central and turned out that most of cellblock was there but by then I was rubbered, all I can remember is Jono getting thrown out for standing on a table and then I got thrown out for falling asleep at the table (theres a pattern forming) can’t have been that bad as when I got back I was compois mentis enough to heat up my soup and have that 😀

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