Day 96

After work got a jug of beer and sat in the tv room with Irish pete and loads of other people to watch the twin towers (lord of the rings)…Kate and Lorna my roommates said people were heading over to federal because theres always a band playing on a Friday night and its normally pretty busy so after the films me and Pete headed over…Pete was half goalied by this time, met loads of people from our hostel and everyone was pretty much hammered, got a bottle of passion pop and met stacy, lorna, kate, emma, sophie, martin, jono, lorenz, liam, holger and mark from cellblock…had a brilliant night and can’t really remember leaving Federal but I have a pic of me with Maria our Norwegian receptionist afterwards back in Cellblock…I found out a few days later that I seemingly asked her what her name was and where she was from etc after the photo was taken but I warned her that I would probably have forgotten it by the morning…thing is I did forget and if I hadn’t checked my camera I’d have no recollection of even seeing her that night…she just laughed when she reminded me of it the following day 😳

Lorna (my Irish roommate)

Emma Jono and Lorenz

Sophie Emma Jono and Lorenz

Jono and the top of Kate (my other Irish roommate) head

Stacy and Pete

The Band

Me Stacy and Kate rocking out

Jono and Lorenz

Irish Pete – the hardest man in the world to understand

Paul (Lorenz brother)

Holger (my former roommate) and Pete

Holger Lorna and Jono

Holger Me and Pete

Erm…christ knows

Led Zeppelins Immigrant song came on when this was taken Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sophie and Emma


Liam and Lorna

Stacy Sophie and Kate

The cause of much drunkness….Passion Pop

Kate and Stacy

Pete and Sophie

Martin and Me…he’s not really a spaz but he looks like one in this pic…his words not mine 😀

Me strutting my stuff on the dancefloor

Me Holger and Lorna


Table shot

Back in cellblock, me and Maria



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