Day 98

Got up and watched the end of Twins, Dee came back round and we all went to the tv room to watch Eddie Murphy stand up Delirious which was really funny, went for something to eat at Numero uno and went back to cellblock, wasn’t planning on drinking but you know how it is…had a few jugs and sat with Jono, Liam, Lorna, Kate, Ray and Lehan…who were all well on their way to being hammered so was on catch up….a lot of people were getting thrown in the pool and because I was relatively dry I though it would only be a matter of time before I was next….Jono was hammered and kept randomly shouting out MINGE 😀 and asking people to touch his minge….this is probably crap to read but I was poorless as he barracked Dee constantly asking her to touch it….when she retorted that he doesnt have one he would sit down for 30 seconds and then come back and ask her again…as I said he was mangled…Joose was just as smashed he ended up in the pool and then started shouting Freedom and some Finish keek but I think he was getting on a few peoples nerves (not mine or the rest of our crowd) but people who didnt know him and he ended up being told to go to bed by John the manager, but Joose refused and ended up arguing, Johns got quite a short fuse and would just sack and evict him on the spot so I took Joose to our room and tried to get him to go to his bed but he refused, he eventually started packing his bags and left the hostel, I told Ray who went after him and managed to talk him into staying for the night and seeing how he feels tomorrow…so after that wee drama we all ended up drinking in the tv room until 3am and I was supposed to be working at 4.30am so had hardly any sleep all weekend, I was contemplating doing an all nighter but thought better get an hour at least and left Jono and Lorenz in the tv room.

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