Day 99

Managed to get up on time for work and went to make my pieces only to bang into Lorenz and Jono…as I was standing making my sandwiches Jono just kept standing next to me saying Minge…even followed me into my room, I couldnt help but laugh and when Kate was just about to complain about the noise she started laughing as well when she seen who it was, went to work feeling shattered, when I got back because it was a public holiday most of the farms where off but not mine so people had been bevvying all day including Joose, I had a bit of a tickly cough and sore throat (man flu) and sat with Lehan Ray, Emma, Lorna and Kate..they said Joose had been drinking from 9am and he was going about asking for money and someone to buy him a drink, I refused him as I don’t think he’s remember me giving him a loan if I did and everyone else pleaded poverty…he was being a bit of a nuisance but harmless enough…turns out though that later on in the night he told me he had been sacked and told to leave the hostel in the morning which is a shame but he had loads of chances to calm down with the bevvy but wouldnt listen…I and had an early one and ended up going to bed at back of 9

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