Day 128

Had to get up this morning and be at reception to do the white water rafting at the river tully, got a lift back to tully and it was pouring with rain, got wetsuit and met up with my 4 other rafters and our guide dilli….at first we were given some basic instructions and somehow I must have been doing it wrong as Dilli kept pulling me up, after about 10 mins of this I was getting a bit of a face on and thinking I’ve forked out this cash to be pulled up all the time…he then changed sides with me and the other boy at the front and it was mucgh better with me being right handed…had a great time, think I could have handled a few harder rapids but not much…never ended in the water due to the rapids, but at various points we jumped in to float and jumped off a cliff into water…got home and spoke to my room mate howard about it and then watched simpsons and ncis

water rafting pics

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