Day 144

Weather has been crap the past week so just been milling about during the day and been out most nights, sunday I went to the pictures to watch Spiderman 3 which was ok, met Jono afterwards and went to Woolshed for a few beers, been down to the lagoon at night a few times with Jono and Adam before heading off to PJS, last night went out with Paul and met up with Jono lately watched the coyote ugly girls and went to the woolshed before heading home very drunk with Jono think I will be having a quiet one tonight as the last few days have caught up with me and not really fancying drinking today…pretty tired so a lazy night is called for I think

Big team Big shop…wee team wee shop

Me with cannon 😕

Jono with cannon 😕

Jono Adam and Me drinking on the esplanade

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