Day 150

Never done anything yesterday as weather was pants but my phone decided to freeze on me so thats that knackered, stayed in at night, watched simpsons neighbours big brother more simpsons and ncis

Today I went to Cairns Central to see if they could fix my phone, they said it was a software problem so I’m better just taking it into an edinburgh shop when I get home to see if they can fix it or not, packed my case so I’m good to go first thing tomorrow morning and met Jono at 7pm, went to Global Palace and drunk goon, met up with Adam, Stacy, James and Paul and also met my favourite Coyote Ugly dancer 8) Not sure what happened at the end of the night but I think I was with James and Stacy in some club, I remember getting home but not what club we were at 😀

Met the Blues Brothers

Drinking at Global Palace hostel

My favourite Coyote Ugly girl…she fine 🙂

Me James and Stacy

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