Day 151

Woke up about 9am and got some breakfast and shower, got hijacked from Sooni my korean roommate for a picture before I left, as you can tell I am slightly bewildered having only been awake for.5 seconds…he must have been wanting to make sure I never went without saying goodbye as he asked for my email as well, nice lad and he gave me a 1000 won note…will have to check how much that is in Korean, said my goodbyes to him and France and went down to the lagoon but had a bit of a headache (must have been the goon) not too bad but wasn’t 100% lay in the sun until about 2pm then went to lagoon shower to get changed for the airport, got shuttle bus and thankfully the woman never even said anything about my case, but the plane was relatively empty so I reckon that was the reason, tried to sleep on plane but was no good, got to sydney and it was freezing, got shuttle bus to my new hostel which is an 8 bed and pretty smart, but theres only 3 of us in the room which is cool, spoke to the german girl and went to bed shattered.

Me and Sooni

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