Attempted murder on the Pan American highway!

The situation was a simple and common one in Latin America. We were on a bus travelling from Medellin,Colombia to Perreira,Colombia.

The bus was travelling on a high pass in the mountains when we came across the aftermath of a clearly bad motorbike accident. On either side of the road there was a motorbike smashed to pieces. In the middle of the road there was a single helmet. Our bus ground to a stop.

It was then that we saw two men lying on the floor on the right hand side of the bus. One of them was a large man with a skin head, he was screaming! I looked at his legs and one of them was clearly broken, twisted in an extremely unatural way. The other man was trying to get up, his leg also looked mashed to bits but their was blood pouring from his head. Somehow he managed to get up.(We presumed they were both riding on one bike)

Then we glanced to the other side of the road to see another man in a white shirt. He was also covered in blood, but he was on a rampage. Screaming like a madman he picked up rocks the size of footballs and like an olympic shot putter was catapulting these rocks at the heads of the two men on the floor.

The large man was screaming ”Llamen a la policia” or ”Call the police”. Everyone on the bus saw that they man who was throwing these rocks at the heads of two guys who couldn’t move meant business. He had tasted blood and he clearly wanted more, his method was to bludgeon them to death with boulders.

All the men on the bus piled off and grabbed rocks themselves, then started throwing smaller rocks at the crazy guy to scare him off. He seemed to walk off.  One of the Colombians on the bus turned to me and said ”This isn’t normal in Colombia”, I’d gathered that. I don’t think it’s normal anywhere.

We started to move on, then I glanced back and saw the crazy guy come out of nowhere with a huge rock and throw it at point blank range at the smaller of the two crippled guys.It hit him square in the face, right on the chin. Amazingly, he took it like a animal and didn’t seem to affect him to much. I think adrenalin had something to do with it.

Just as that happened another motorbike came round the corner, its passengers were two policemen. They hopped off, pulled our their guns immediately and to our suprise handcuffed the two men lying on the floor.

It left everyone puzzled, what had these men done. We presumed they were responsible for the crash, well surely only one of them was. The other man was obviously from the other bike, but what if their was a fourth passenger, had they been injured so badly that it had sent that man into a fury and had sent him on his attempted massacare. We will never know, but it is certainly an experience that I will probably never have again!

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