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James Bond Movies


James Bond Movies

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James Bond films introduce viewers to the world of secret agents and spies. Even though the first James Bond movie was released more than fifty years ago, James Bond, agent 007, still lives in the hearts of fans. James Bond is famous not only because of those James Bond movies – he’s a symbol of a dangerous and brutal man with a harsh story. That’s why each new James Bond movie is so expected.

Opinions about the best James Bond movies vary. Some say that the first James Bond is the best, others say that the new James Bond is the best. James Bond actors always try to do their best, but people always have preferences, you know that. Each new James Bond actor is carefully evaluated, that is true. In case you’re interested, take a look at James Bond movies in order – every man out there is a symbol of its period.

How many James Bond movies are there? The James Bond movie list currently has twenty-seven titles in it. Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies, however, stand aside – Daniel Craig’s James Bond is really brutal. Next James Bond features him too. James Bond 2020 will be a blockbuster, you’ll see!



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