Beautiful first morning in Tasiilaq

I slept really well last night and so this morning I went to have breakfast in the canteen. When I came there at 7:20, the canteen was already empty. The kids have breakfast until 7 am, but the interns can have breakfast between 7 and 8, I guess. Anyway, it was no problem to get breakfast, and I even had a big choice. The food in Greenland is amazing: rye bread, white bread, cheese, different sorts of fresh cheese, different sorts of cold cut, jam, yoghurt, juice, coffee, tea. There were even vitamin pills – I think I’m going to like it here!

I got to know some of my fellow interns for a while afterwards. I went to watch a music show with them and it was really great. I think Greenlandic is such a beautiful language. It was so nice to listen to the songs. They also sang “Silent Night, Holy Night” in Greenlandic. And all of the people are really friendly here. They are very welcoming and many came to talk to me.

I guess that’s about all for now. I guess I have time to take some photos of Tasiilaq at day time during the weekend, so then you can really see how beautiful it is here!

Vi ses!

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