Hej from Greenland!

Finally, I made it to Tasiilaq. The trip here yesterday went really fine. At the airport in Kulusuk, there was already the first dog sledge waiting. It felt like a different world.

I’m going to be working with a school as an intern for a few weeks before going to explore the rest of Greenland.

The helicopter flight from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq was awesome! The landscape was really stunning. We flew over Kulusuk village and the little mountains, crossed the water, and came towards Tasiilaq. The sun was going down, and thus the whole view was simply amazing! A guy, who works for the school, came to pick us up, and we went to school so that I could meet the school principal and also my tutor, Liselotte. Then we went to the “kollegiet”, where I live. It’s like a boarding school, but it’s also for those who do an internship, or for family and friends of teachers who come for a holiday etc. There are actually three buildings and mine is still empty now. However, there will be interns from Nuuk and I will have to share my room for 6 weeks, which was quite a (not so nice) surprise. The building is right at the frozen fjord.

Then everyone who was around in the house went along to a kaffemik in town. Kaffemik is the Greenlandic word for when people gather and celebrate an event, like a birthday. All day long people can show up at the person’s house and get food and coffee etc. It’s really a big thing. The food was traditionally served on the kitchen floor, and we ate with hands. Since everybody was watching me, I couldn’t say no, and so I tasted cooked wale (fat), dried seal, and cold, salted fish. Oh, and there were also some berries in seal fat. Well yeah, I had to bring myself to eat it at first, but actually it wasn’t that bad. It sounds much worse than it tastes. And afterwards, there was a lot of cake, pastry, and sweets in the living room to wash it down with.

Amazing day and love being in Greenland so far! 

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