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World Travel Escape

Updated 5 years, 3 months ago

If I had all the luxury of money to visit all countries in the world I would love to do so; why? The answer is why not? I came up with this idea of world travel escape... Of course everybody deserves a break after work as a pampering moment to relax. As well as to enjoy the beautifull culture, creations and wonders of the world.

I came to travel places in Asia and differents parts of the Philippines. All I can say is still the world is unxplored. Even though I travelled to 5-10 a year I'm lucky enough if I had out of town trips. With 2 new countries to be added in my travel blog book.

It's good to see various tattoo on your passport with various languages, logo and trademarks. You wonder what new language or culture I would learn after country days or week stay. Then I would tell family and friends "hey I've been enjoying a lot of travelling in Manila, Negros, HK, Macau and SG. Wanna go there as well?"

Too good to be true if anybody has given a chance to travel to all countries before they go to heaven. Surely they will like I do. Pretty places, beautifull faces nice people and great culture. So World Travel Escape here I come!!!

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