My Best Kept Secret

My fingers are trembling and my mind is whirling with a hundred different fears before Saturday… will I finish? Will I get burnt? Can I REALLY run that far? Be that cold? Can I handle 10,000 volts?

Underprepared would be an understatement, but that’s OK. I have confidence my mind will get me through the 12 mile army assault course, jumping into fire and ice water, climbing over walls and cargo nets and traversing through electric voltage!

I will survive… I think?!

I have an inability to say no, so instead I just say yes, no matter how crazy, weird or extreme the activity or tasty treat is and no matter how well I have prepared.

This isn’t the first crazy thing I have done without much preparation, but isn’t that what makes it even more crazy and exciting, and the stories to tell are only going to be more interesting for others to read and hear about

I will be telling my grandchildren about my incredible trek to Mount Everest Base Camp and the sensational, once-in-a-lifetime views of the tallest mountains on the planet. I will be sharing the fears I had in advance… wondering if I would handle the altitude, hoping my legs would cope with the daily hikes up hill as the air got thinner, fretting the lack of meat and the bland food would ruin my tastebuds and worrying about breathing difficulties and extreme headaches.

Again my preparation was low, a few short walks to work in London the weeks before I left for Nepal and a days hiking in the Yorkshire Dales … it wasn’t quite the training plan I had envisaged but again I put mind over matter and though there may have been a few teary moments half way up, I made it to the top – well, the base camp anyway – and celebrated by stripping down to my bikini in the sub zero temperatures on a glacier. Why not!?

It’s not just crazy events I like to be unprepared for, but trying a variety of crazy foods. Some may say you don’t need to be prepared for eating but if you haven’t psyched yourself up for crunching on a salted worm or biting into a slimy chicken foot. Such delights might be normal in one country, but for the average Brit these simple snacks take some preparation and would be perhaps impossible for many. But somehow I manage, I try, I taste, I succeed.

It doesn’t matter what people suggest I should do, be it a shot of snakes blood,an adventure to the middle of nowhere in Africa, an intense assault course or a trip to the beautiful Cook Islands on the other side of the world… I will try it and I will conquer!

No matter what life throws at me and no matter how prepared I am I will put my strongest foot forward and make the most of every situation… after all,  ‘99% of the things you worry about never happen’, so what have I got to lose? Life is FAR more fun with a little bit of crazyness! But shh don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret, they will all be at it and then, well, it won’t be so crazy anymore!

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