First Impressions

We’ve been in Kuala Lumpur for a few days now and it is hot! very hot and sticky! The hostel is nice and the people that work there are lovely, one old guy that works there was very intrigued by our english money, he was feeling the thickness and quality of the notes and asking us to describe the people that are pictured on them, who the f* ck is Adam Smith on our twenties! (why aren’t british notes waterproof?!)

Every day we seem to get a massive storm, it’s really strange to watch, they just come outta nowhere and leave just as quickly.

the traffic is crazy with cars and bikes everywhere. The moped drivers seem to have no fear and will quite happly use the pavment when faced with a one way road.

we have walked round one of the many shopping centers it has 6 floors and is build like a maze so no one can ever get out. think of ikea but even more confusing 😆

Joe’s already been chatted up by a ladyboy! ….. i didnt take up the offer.

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