Well our body clocks seem to have adjusted to the local time, it seems that Malaysian’s sleep till the afternoon and are awake at night (this may be because it is cooler)
On the subject of cool the aircon unit in our room’s broken and was stuck at 27c we have now moved into the room next door with a working aircon but did have to spend a night in a sauna 😆

Yesterday we went in search of the fish foot doctor that we had seen a sign for but was unable to find him. He has fish that nibble the bits of skin on your feet and clean them. souned like sucker fish and that it would be an odd and tickellish experience. There are also people that Joe is calling the foot stealers who want to massage your feet. He has an image of someone coming out with a cleaver to hack them off.

Last night we went to see the Petronas twin towers, they are supposed to be the talest building in the world. You can go up and walk across the bridge but this involves getting there at 7am, its about a two hour wait to get a ticket and they only hand out about 200 a day.

We went out for an Italian for dinner and Emma had a risotto that looked a little bit like sick with two hallal saussages!!! Joe had duck that was on half an onion! We also got a bottle of wine as a change from tiger beer, this cost us around £30 for a standard french white. Alcohol here is generaly expensive with beer costing around the same as the uk and wine even more.

Today we slept late and went for a walk into the shopping plaza. It was very busy at it was saturday and all the locals were out. There were people offering you to try various things from foot massagers to hand sanitizer. Emma even tried one of the strips that are put on your nose to unblock it.

This evening we went to an different shopping centre called the Pavilion, this seemed to be a more upmarket place with shops like DKNY and Dior. It had 7 floors (whic made Joe a bit qeasy when Emma was looking over the glass edge!) and a food court at the top. We stoped here to have some sushi and ordered a tempura (deep fried) ice cream, it tasted like ice cream filled doughnuts 😀
When we left we took a walk to see the KL tower. We shall add some more pictures soon.


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