We left for the jungle today for a two night trip. We’re off to a place called the Taman Negara which is in the heart of the jungle.

Our first stop on route is a place called Deerland. We were pretty much the only people in the whole park which meant we got a really intimate feeling with all the aimals and the zookeepers. We hand fed the dear, they were so cute, lots of little bambi’s trying to jump up and eat out of the food bowl! Whilst at Deerland we also got to hold a hedgehog and the keeper put this thing (can’t remeber what he called it) like a flying squirrell on my head 😮 . We then got to hold a Python, Emma was a bit stupid, before she took it from the keeper she asked if it was poisonous, the keeper said yes, then she took the snake anyway! (we did later find out that that particular one was not poisonous) When Joe got to hold the snake his face was a picture, he looked terrified but he did it, our brave man! The last thing we saw at Deerland was a Sunny Bear, We thought it was going to be a lot smaller but when it stood up it was as tall as Emma. We stroked it and had a photo with our arms round it’s shoulder, we’ll try and upload photo soon.

After Deerland we went to the Elephant Sanctuary. The main thing that they do is bring elephants from other shrinking areas of Malaysian rainforest and bring them to the National Park. We were both really excited about visiting and were not disappointed. First of all they brought out a young elephant, he’d been rescued after being attacked by a Tiger and so he had no tail. They then bought out two other young elephants which we were able to feed nuts and fruit. Next came three full grown ones, they took them into the river first so they could cool off. Sometimes they allow guests to go in the river too but we couldn’t because the water level was too high. Once the elephants were cool they were taken to be washed, the keepers then brought out two box’s of fruit and allowed us to hand feed the three biguns. The keepers explaind that if we stood next to them and held the fruit so they could see they would lift up their trunk so that you could put it in their mouth.
After we had fed the elephants we then able to ride them, the elephants have lots of thin prickely hairs and you can feel them on your legs. The ride was quite bumpy and we had to hold on using our legs to grip.

We then continued onto Jerantut where we caught another minibus to the Kuala Tahan village. This village is located by the Tembeling river and we had to get a boat across to our hostel. In the evening we had dinner on the floating restaraunt and met our guide called Mr Mike. After dinner he took us into the jungle for a night trek. We brought our torches (of course!) we saw a couple of different animals mainly insects but a couple of lizzards. Emma also got attacked by a leach but Mike mannaged to pull if off before it sunk its teeth into her. After the night treck we went back to our rooms to sleep and get bitten by mossies

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