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We woke early today as we were told we had to catch the bus back to Jerantut at 8am. We had a mad rush to get packed up and ready and woke the french guy up that was sleeping in the dorm with us. He bought an electric powered alarm clock to the jungle! There were no plugs at all in the dorm although there was a table by the front desk with about 20 sockets in it so if you were desperate you could use that. Emma’s legs were absoloutely killing after the trek yesterday but we made it down to the jetty where we could catch the boat back to the village. When you get to the other side you have to climb up this big hill, this was really hard with our aching muscles and bags. We waited for the minibus where we had been dropped off a few days before but when we looked at the map we found the pick up point was in a different place. We made a mad dash to the other point to check for the bus. Nothing.

After waiting 30mins in the heat Emma decided she was going to go back down to the river where the tour desk was. When she got there the guy at the desk said there was no bus today and we were suppose to confirm the day before! Emma felt the rage building up 😡 and was stern with the guy about not being told that we had to confirm at which he pointed to a tiny scribbled sign on the wall behind. This meant our 5 hour journey was going to take even longer! We were told we now had to catch a boat for a two hour ride down stream to a place called Kuala Tembeling where we could catch the bus for 40 min journey to Jerantut. In some ways we were glad that we caught the boat instead of the bus, the journey takes you through the rainforest where the scenery is magic and the breeze nice and cooling. After around 1 hour into the ride it started to rain really heavy, luckily we only got slightly damp. One poor woman at the front of the boat was completely soaked through, and she was wearing all white cotton which meant it went see through and you could see her underwear!

When we got back to Jerantut Ms Emma (as they all called her) was called to the tour desk counter by a plump friendly woman who questioned whether she had her camera. To our horror we realised that we did not, thank god the hostel back in Teman Negara found it and said they would send it on the next boat to Jerantut and then the tour desk would send it to the Kuala Lumpur office. Sumi, the guy at our hostel said he would get them to bring it to the hostel so hopefully it will arrive in a couple of days.

We arrived back in Kuala Lumpur around 4, after leaving the jungle at 9 we were exhausted so ate cookies and swiss rolls for dinner and watched terminator and lots of CSI 😆 .

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