Fish feet

Today we had a lazy day, but did manage to get the hostel to do all our washing! Poor Joe was sat around wearing Pat’s hoody (ahahah Pat, you’ll get back a well travelled hoodie if you’re lucky!).

We did go down to a place called BB plaza where we’d seen the signs for the Garra Rufa fish therapy (which we’d been looking for, see earlier blog). It was such a strange experience, first of all we had to wash our feet then we went over to the pool where we sat on the edge and slowly lowered our feet in. Instantly Emma’s feet were covered in fish, Joe thinks that’s because her feet are more skanky which is so not true! 😆 It was really ticklish, Emma said her mum would hate it. They eat all the dead skin from your feet, our feet do feel a bit smoother but we’ve got a long way to go before having baby feet again 🙂

Afterwards we went for dinner to the outback steak house (yeah we know we’ll be having the real thing soon, just testing it out) Emma could not bear to eat anything with rice so rather than having her starve for the next few days the steak house was calling our names. The waitress’ face was amusing when Joe asked for his steak rare, she checked with him twice just to be sure she hadn’t misheard! It did come out medium though but still very nice.

The dessert was the icing on the cake….Joe’s face dropped ever so slightly when he saw the orgasmic look on Emma’s face as she took her first bite into warm cookies (cinamon) with ice cream and drizzled with hot chocolate sauce. When the waiter came to see if we were all good Joe said he wanted to swap. Emma couldn’t bear to see that poor little desperate boy look on Joe’s face so relented and gave him hallf, because she’s lovely to him!

On the way back to the hostel Joe was so full he felt like his stomach was going to burst, Emma even thought about rolling him (it is downhill anyway!) When we got back we watched a couple of knockoff DVDs (i’m sure it’s the same guy that goes round the windows of the cafes in Croydon)….

check out new pics tomorrow….

ps we have our camera back…woohoo…and the lovely people had wrapped it up in wrapping paper, Emma thought it was her birthday 😆

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