Trip to the Menara KL Tower

Today we took a walk to the Menara KL Tower, it took about 15 minutes to walk to from our hostel. When we arrived we were told that there was a shuttle bus that would take you to the base of the tower but we decided that we would walk instead. After our massive jungle trek we thought this would be a breeze…we stopped half way 😆

When we got to the tower we were greeted by a man that said that we would be able to go to the second floor restaurant and get a drink and ice cream included, he however didn’t inform us that this would not grant us access into the animal enclosure that was at the base of the KL tower (this we only found out later). when we got into the restaurant we were seated with a view of the twin towers. To our amazement the seating area was moving giving you a 360 degree view of KL. The restaurant was on the second floor of the KL Tower and we could see for miles as the height of the tower is 421 meters in total. Joe had an ice cream and Emma had mixed fruit while we looked out onto KL at the various high rise structures that dotted the skyline.
Once we had finished our food we took the lift down to the first floor where they had pictures pointing out the different buildings that you are able to see from the viewing points.

After we had finished walking round the tower we decided to take a look in the Bukit Nanas forest reserve. They had located in this reserve a tree that produces the worlds biggest flower (see pictures) we went on a nature walk but the only things we saw were butterflies, ants and mosquitoes. We weren’t too impressed by it but it was a nice walk.

When we found the exit for the reserve we took a walk to a local bar near our hostel called the Gypsy bar and had a couple of drinks. We then popped across the road to check out the local fish bar, Joe was unsure as to what fish to choose and asked two different waiters what they would recommend. The Barramundi they said. The Barramundi was lovely and Joe recommends it to everyone. Emma had a beef and onion pie with chips and curry sauce. Both of the meals were very nice and made us think of home…they even had Heinz tomato ketchup!!

After the meal and Joe forcing himself to have desert (he couldn’t resist, Emma said she refused to look after him if he was ill because of too much food) we strolled back to the hotel for the evening.

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