The 252 steps

Today we decided that we would go and visit the Batu Caves, these are located at the top of 252 steps so we knew before we left that we had some walking to do.
What we didn’t contemplate was the long walk that we would have to get to the bus that would eventually take us to the caves. It was located in the China town area of Kuala Lumpur and we ended up walking around for quite a while trying to find the correct number 11 bus to get on (yes there was more than one 😕 )
Emma was even told off for dropping a packet of cigarettes on the floor and almost carted off to the cops till we explained as best we could that they were not rubbish, they’d just fallen out of her bag. Luckily there were some left to prove our point. Crisis avoided we managed to find the bus and jumped on. 40p each for the bus that would take us to the foot of the caves, this was around a 45 minuets journey….beat that tfl!!

When we got dropped off the bus the first thing to great us was a 42.7meter statue of the Hindu god Lord Murugan (see pictures) and next to it the 252 steps that we would have to climb. The statue was amazing and as we climbed we discussed the fact that you could not see how it was put together, it looked like it was one solid piece 😯 Half way up the stairs we noticed that there was a gang on monkeys that hang around outside the temple and were being fed fruit by some of the visitors. Some of the monkeys were carrying babies and we stopped half way up to take a look at them and have a well deserved rest.

252 steps later and we had reached the opening to the Batu caves…what a sight with stalactites jutting from the cave’s ceiling and stalagmites rising from the floor. There was rain water dripping from the stalactites giving the area a great atmosphere and a Hindu prayer ceremony with people playing a drum and a type of flute (Joe said it reminded him of jazz) we had a look around at the cave walls where people had inscribed prayers and there were statues depicting different Hindu stories.

Once we had finished taking a look around the caves we thought that we would head back down the steps (the easy part 😆 ) we both said that it would be funny to do a ‘lily bum shuffle’ down some of them as she does down the stairs back home…so we did. We then also noticed that there were two monkeys…being intimate on the stairs in front of us 😯 but luckily when we started to approach they promptly ran off.

We made it back to the bus and were taken back to China town. We decided to take a look around the market located in the heart of the town. Here there were stalls selling pretty much everything from fake designer handbags to knockoff perfume and watches. You could hardly breath because the space in between stalls was so small and so many people were trying to get through. Emma did buy some Chanel glasses for 3 quid though 😉 After this we headed back to the hostel for some breathing space and well earned rest.

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