Preparing for our flight to Australia

Today we got up earlier than usual and started packing, this took a couple of hours as our things had been transferred from one bag to another when we went to Taman Negara as we only took one bag when we went. Plus most of our other item had been in use so were dotted about our room.

Once we had packed we took a wander into town so that Joe could buy a couple of T-shirt, we thought this would be a quick and easy process but believe it or not its quite hard finding a large size T-shirt in Malaysia…everyone is so small that most of the shops only had small or medium size stuff. But after about an hour searching we managed to pick up some and Joe was happy. 🙂

We then went back to the hostel to say our last goodbyes to the staff and other travellers that we had met while there. The staff were sad to see us go and said that they would give us another night free if we wanted and that we were almost family now. We thanked them for all their help that they had given over the time that we were there and they also sorted us out with a cab.

When we got to the airport we had three hours to kill so Emma went to McDonald’s and Joe went to a place that served Malaysia food as he had been talking all day about getting noodles…he came back five minutes later grumbling, saying that if they didn’t have any menus and the staff weren’t able to tell him what they sold other than soup 👿 he wasn’t ordering from them and got a big Mac instead.

After our McDonald’s we when through passport control, we walked up to the check in desk and put our luggage through and got our boarding passes. Once we had done this we then were confused as to where to go next. We had to walk back on ourselves and as we did so noticed other peoples luggage being put through a scanner…so much for security we thought but hoped that they were also scanned once put through check in.

We waited in the departures lounge with about two hours or so left to kill so we had a wander around duty free and bought 200 cigarettes each (that’s all we’re allowed to take into Oz) for 100 ringgitts which worked out around £10 for 200! We then went to get a coffee/hot chocolate and the worlds biggest doughnuts you have ever seen (we had to eat them with a knife and fork!). Our flight was called and we boarded the plane to Australia.

The seats on the plane were not as good as on the flight to Malaysia as they would not recline and so we both had trouble sleeping. Emma even tried sleeping on the floor but (thanks to Lorraine!) she felt too claustrophobic to sleep…she still got about an hour stretched out on Joe’s lap while he read his book.
When we landed we were happy to be able to stretch our legs but were so tired all we wanted to do was lay down and pass out. We both commented on how we felt like zombies working on autopilot. We got our bags and went to passport control.

Here we thought that we were going to have to go through a lot of questions and protocols but the process was really easy, they didn’t even ask to look at our visa’s! We were quite shocked when we got to the outside world that we didn’t have another part of immigration to pass through. We were finally in Australia!!

We landed at around 6am and located a bus that would take us to our hostel. The man that sold us our ticket reminded both of us of Emma’s Granddad and was very helpful and welcoming. We got on the bus to the YHA hostel and were both felling very sleep deprived. As we got closer to Perth city centre Emma lent forward to ask Joe if he was keeping his eyes open, his response was ‘I have my ears open’, Emma made him stay awake long enough to slightly familiarise himself with the local area. We arrived at the YHA at around 9am and we were told that check in was at 1pm. This was not really what we wanted to hear after a long flight with no sleep so we went and got some breakfast in the café at the hostel. We both had a fried breakfast and we so happy to be eating real bacon and a fried breakfast, it was just what we needed. We then tried to sleep in their lobby on the sofa. This area was rather busy so we were unable to do so. We grabbed a map and headed for the nearest park and found a tree that would give us some shade to catch some rest while we waited for the check in to open. Joe did ask Emma whether she thought it would be safe sitting on the grass but really neither of us were too fussed with the answer anyway. Joe fell asleep almost instantly (as usual) and Emma woke him up at around twelve to take a walk back to check in. Joe was still asleep while walking and Emma had to explain to him three times where they were going and what the time was. (After the third time he asked, Emma did say that he should walk that way at the crossroads and she’d be walking straight on!) We finally checked in and were so happy to see our beds (even if Joes was slightly broken) and we climbed into them (yes we both ended up stuck with the top bunks) and fell asleep almost instantly.

We awoke at around six and thought that it would be a good idea to go out and get some dinner as neither of us were in the mood to cook. So we went to a bar and ordered some dinner and a beer. Joe noticed that they had barramundi on the menu and Emma had a Kiev with the most garlic in the world, it even came with garlic mash!

We noted that even though it was a Tuesday night that the bar was rather empty and once we had finished our food and beers headed back to the hostel. We took a look in the TV room where they play various films and then headed on down to the café to grab a couple more drinks. Joe was so happy to see a bottle of Magners. Finally some cider! Emma did warn Joe that it cost like $10 and he’d better make it a one-off! Once we had finished our drinks we headed up to bed for the night.

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