our first day in Perth…

Today we awoke at around eight, our hostel room backs onto the local train line so when your awake its rather hard to get back to sleep again. We popped out to the local Woolworths (still open over here think of it like Tesco’s) and grabbed some food for us to cook over the week. Joe was introduced to Tim-Tams and thought they were great…like penguins but with toffee jam in!! we then headed into the Vodaphone shop to get some local sim cards and set up a local bank account. Both of these were really easy to do and we should get our bank cards at the start of next week. The only problem we had was that Emma had to get a new phone as hers wasn’t unblocked.
After this we didn’t know what to do so we had a look around a few shops and Emma brought a new pair of trousers that she had seen others wearing and had commented on a couple of time saying she wanted some. They look very cool and airy. She did make a deal with herself before we left that if she bought anything she had to chuck something else away….Once we had finished looking round the shops we stopped in a coffee shop and grabbed a drink and a piece of lemon meringue pie. We had a look at the map that the nice lady in the bank had given us when we set up our accounts and thought about taking a trip to the quay. The walk took about ten minutes and we sat here looking out at the choppy waters as the wind was starting to pick up.
We then decided that we would take the free bus that runs around town to have a look for a bar to have some drinks. The journey around town took about twenty minutes and we both commented on the fact that we thought that Perth was probably smaller than Croydon. We were unable to find a bar that we wished to spend the evening in so headed back to the hostel bar/café. A couple of drinks later we thought that it would be a good idea to make some dinner, something nice and easy. Pasta and sauce, it was lovely but we realised that the hostel didn’t have any oven for us to put the garlic bread we had got to go with it. After this we headed back to the bar for a couple more drinks before bed.

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